Unlike atheists, religious people do not think logically – Reveals Study

Religious people’s minds are dominated by emotion and not analytical thinking which makes them cling to their views – even when evidence proves them wrong – a study claims.
Such ‘Emotional resonance’ can make individuals hold on to their faith.

Meanwhile, militant atheists are completely negative about religion because they have analytical brains, according to researchers.


It can result in terrorists who believe they are being highly moral and some Trump supporters who emotionally support him without taking into account the facts, researchers claimed.

‘Emotional resonance helps religious people to feel more certain – the more moral correctness they see in something, the more it affirms their thinking,’ said Anthony Jack, associate professor of philosophy and co-author of the research.In contrast, moral concerns make nonreligious people feel less certain.’
Researchers say people have two brain networks – one for empathy and one for analytic thinking.
These two networks are in tension with each other.
In healthy people their thought process switches between the two – choosing to use the appropriate network depending on the issues they are considering.

In someone who is militantly religious, the empathetic network dominates while in the nonreligious dogmatist’s mind the analytical network rules.
Appealing to a militant religious person’s sense of moral concern and an anti-religious person’s unemotional logic may increase the chance of them listening to your message.

Culled from Mailonline

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