Like Blac, when I got with Kylie, she super glowed up- Tyga claims he’s responsible for Kylie Jenner’s career

Tyga has opened up extensively on his relationship and split with Kylie Jenner. Speaking on the Breakfast Club, when asked if he is losing out by splitting with her he said:
“It ain’t a losing thing,” “It’s like when you make a decision to not be in a relationship with somebody, y’all make that decision, ya’ll split ways.
When grilled about whether he still loves her, Tyga said,

“I have love for her, but I’m not in love no more.” Tyga said the first year of any relationship “is like magic,” but after that, “you start realizing a bunch of sh-t.”
The rapper blamed “a lot of outside influences” and the age difference between the two led to the breakup.

“She’s younger than me, so she’s dealing with perception,” “For her, growing up how she grew up, image and perception is everything. You got a bunch of people pulling from you, and you’re trying to develop as a woman.”
“I like to keep the mystique, but I knew that’s kind of how she made her money,” he said of the Kardashian lifestyle. “It’s not for me, bro,” he said. “I mean, when it was good, it was good. When it was bad, it was really bad.”
On why he dated her
“I knew she had a lot of potential, and I felt like I was put in that position to help her,” he added. “Before I got with her, people in the urban world weren’t talking about her.”
Tyga took credit for the physical changes in Jenner’s appearance as well as those of his baby mama, Blac Chyna.

“When I got with [Chyna], she super glowed up. I got with Kylie, she super glowed up,” he said.
On what he benefited from her,he said

“Women,””More women at my shows.”
When Lee asked Tyga if he’s benefited financially as a result of being associated with the Kardashians,he said

“I wasn’t coming from reality,” “I was with a black girl before that, so to the world it looked like I had a baby with her, left her, then went out with this young, white girl. That was already a hit on my image.”

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