Mariah Carey puts on an energetic display hours after fans savage her ‘shambolic’ dance moves in viral video

One day can make quite the difference, and so it proved as Mariah Carey returned to the stage for another performance in Las Vegas on Tuesday evening.
Entertaining fans at a packed Caesar’s Palace on the final night of her residency, the pop diva put on a rather more lively show than her last at the iconic venue.
Dressed in an outlandish leotard and fishnet tights, Mariah, 47, glittered beneath the stage lights while working her way through her extensive back catalogue of chart-topping hits.

The powerful singer may well have had cause to bitterly reflect on her previous live show, during which she was mercilessly mocked by fans for an apparent lack of interest and a generally shambolic series of poorly executed dance moves.

It was, however, an altogether different story on Tuesday, and Mariah’s latest show was comparatively well-received by an approving audience.
Trading her leotard for a sequin-embellished sheer dress, Mariah exposed her cleavage as she crooned to them while sitting on the hood of a hot pink car.




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