Husband murdered wife by tying her to rail tracks before he jumped in front of train

A husband murdered his estranged wife by tying her to railway tracks and leaping in front of a 200mph train that killed them both,.

The horrifying murder-suicide happened at around 4.30am on Monday in Beauvilliers, northern France.

According to police , the French TGV train was going so fast that it took more than two miles to stop after making impact.

The couple, identified as Émilie Hallouin and Guillaume Grémy, were reportedly separated and had four children.
Police say Ms Hallouin’s wrists and ankles had been bound to the tracks with strong polythene tape and her body had been severed into pieces by the train,Daily Mirror reports.

Her 37-year-old former partner was not tied down and his remains were found scattered along several hundred metres of track, officials said.

It was also reportedly Ms Hollouin’s 34th birthday on the day she died.


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