T.I. and Tiny confront each other over their messed up marriage

Rapper T.I. and his former wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris are at it again. This time, the two discuss a tough subject: infidelity. In the teaser, Tiny confirms the longstanding rumor that T.I. was caught cheating with one of Tiny’s employees. T.I. decides to deflect Tiny’s accusations by accusing his wife of also being unfaithful.

“You done had your s*** when you were out with m************ dude that you know I don’t f*** with,” he says. “You was at his house. You was in his house.”

The conversation takes a turn for the worse when Tiny tells her estranged husband that her actions were a result of his bad choices.

“How do you know that?! Cause you seen me dancing?” she asks, likely referring to her rumored relationship with boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather. “You don’t know… If he can come and treat me like a woman…”

T.I. snaps back, telling Tiny he’s never shortchanged her as the woman in his life.

“I spent millions on you, what the f*** are you saying?!” he says.

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