Photos/Video: Fake homeless woman nabbed after she is busted driving luxury car

Police in Virginia busted a 40-year-old woman after she apparently pretended to be homeless in a video that recently went viral.

In the video posted on YouTube, at least two men approach the woman after it appeared she was begging for money at the intersection of Broad Street and Glenside Drive in Henrico’s West End.

The men question the woman about her homeless status after they followed her from the median where she was asking for money to her car , a 2016 Fiat parked in a McDonald’s parking lot.

The woman then told the man filming that his actions were going to get him killed.

“For what?” the man filming asked.

“For harassing me,” the woman responded.

“How much do you get from the government? From the state and disability every month?” the man asked.

Dominguez ended up telling the men that she never claimed she was homeless, only that she was disabled, according to WTVR.

After a verbal spat, the woman goes to the McDonald’s where she parked to complain about the men.

The McDonald’s workers were unable to help her.

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