Britain’s biggest family is getting bigger, with baby number 20 on the way

Britain’s biggest family the Radfords are preparing for baby number twenty ,but have promised it will be the last.

Sue and Noel Radford have been having children for the best part of three decades and Sue, 42, is due to give birth to another baby boy in September.

The couple, who featured in the reality show ’19 Kids And Counting’ were childhood sweethearts.Sue got pregnant with their first child Chris at the age of just 14.

Now, she and Noel also have three grandchildren.

The UK Sun reports that the couple spend an estimated £30,000 a year of their own money bringing up their children – including birthdays with a budget of £100 per child and Christmas at £100 to £250 per child.In addition, they also have a holiday abroad each year.

Noel and Sue said their original plan was to have three children, but they loved the experience so much that they simply kept going.



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