Oprah, Beyonce and Taylor Swift Forbes richest self made women

Forbes on Wednesday unveiled its third annual list of the richest self-made women in the United States.
The list is comprised of the 60 wealthiest women in the country who started out with next to nothing and rose to build fortunes whose combined net worth totals $61.5billion.
The wealthiest self-made woman in the US is Marian Ilitch, who co-founded the Little Caesars pizza chain with her late husband,
Mike Ilitch passed away in February. Tied for third place are Judy Love – who co-founded the Love’s gas station chain – and daytime television queen Oprah Winfrey. Love and Winfrey each have a net worth valued at $2.9billion.

Singer Taylor Swift, just 27 years old, made the list with an estimated net worth of $280million.
Swift if the 55th richest self-made woman.
Another crooner, Beyonce, has been on the list for each of the three years it has been compiled by Forbes.
Her fortune is valued at a whopping $350million, making her No. 46 on the list. See the list below…


1. Marian Ilitch, 84, co-founder of Little Caesars ($5.1B)
2. Diane Hendricks, 70, roofing ($4.9B)
3. Judy Love, 79, retail and gas stations ($2.9B)
3. Oprah Winfrey, 63, television shows ($2.9B)
5. Doris Fisher, 85, Gap clothing ($2.7B)
6. Judy Faulkner, 73, Health IT ($2.5B)
6. Meg Whitman, 60, eBay ($2.5B)
8. Johnelle Hunt, 85, trucking ($2.4B)
9. Elaine Wynn, 75, casinos and hotels ($2.1B)
10. Lynda Resnick, 74, agriculture ($2B)
11. Peggy Cherng, 69, fast food ($1.8B)
12. Thai Lee, 58, IT provider ($1.6B)
12. Sheryl Sandberg, 47, Facebook ($1.6B)
14. Jin Sook Chang, 54, fashion retail ($1.5B)
15. Gail Miller, 73, car dealerships and Utah Jazz basketball team ($1.2B)
16. Sara Blakeley, 46, Spanx ($1.1B)
16. Eren Ozmen, 58, aerospace ($1.1B)
18. Carolyn Rafaelian, 50, jewelry ($1B)
19. Alice Schwartz, 90, biotech ($950M)
20. Christel DeHaan, 74, time shares ($900M)
21. Jayshree Ullal, 56, technology ($840M)
22. Nancy Zimmerman, 53, hedge funds ($800M)
23. Weili Dal, 55, semiconductors ($770M)
24. Sheila Johnson, 68, Black Entertainment Television ($750M)
24. Neerja Sethi, 62, IT consulting and outsourcing ($750M)


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