Man kills mother on Mother’s Day, takes her severed head to grocery store

A 36 year-old American, Joshua Lee Webb marked Mother’s Day by killing his mother, Tina Marie Webb, who was 59 years old.

And thereafter, he carried the severed head of his mother and with a knife, he walked into a grocery store on the same day and stabbed a clerk before being subdued. Reports said Webb’s body was soaked in blood and his second victim, Michael Wagner is now recovering from hospital.

Local law enforcement officials in Oregon arrested Webb and have charged him to court with murder of his mother and attempted murder of Wagner.

Webb is being held in the Clackamas County Jail, the Sheriff’s Department said in a statement on Monday.

Customers fled the Estacada Harvest Market Thriftway in Estacada, Oregon on Sunday morning and called police after Webb entered carrying the head, according to local press reports.

After Wagner, 66, was stabbed, he and other store employees subdued Webb and held him until police arrived, the Sheriff’s Department said.

At about the same time, police said they also responded to a call at the Webb home in Colton, about 12 miles away, where they found Webb’s mother dead. Webb lived with his parents, they said.

Police did not provide any details on what led to Tina Marie Webb’s murder. It was not immediately possible to contact Webb or identify an attorney representing him.




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