‘Can you send the police?’ ‘I don’t have anything to protect myself’: 50 Cent’s caretaker begs police

A security guard begged police to hurry in a panicked 911 call during a raid on 50 Cent’s (pictured) Connecticut mansion. A security guard at 50 Cent’s Connecticut mansion urged police to hurry as a burglar went room to room during a panicked 911 call.

The house manager told an operator ‘I don’t have anything to protect myself’, according to a recording of the alleged conversation obtained by TMZ.
He told police that the burglar, who he described as 6ft tall and weighing 200 pounds, had entered through the generator room carrying a ‘black bag’.

The staff member, who fled the house for his own safety, said in the call: ‘He just entered, he’s in the property now. He went into the generator room of the house and he’s going door to door.’

Police found a printed out map with directions from a hotel to the rapper’s pad, according to TMZ.
After a brief manhunt, suspect Elwin Joyce of Windsor, Connecticut was detained by the Farmington, Connecticut Police Department.
Joyce was later charged with 2nd degree burglary, trespassing, criminal mischief and attempted larceny.


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