Female chefs becomes worldwide hit after peeling off clothes for cooking show

A NEW steamy cooking show features the world’s most daring TV host and a cheeky chef who strip off their clothes while making tasty dishes.

The Naked Kitchen show on Miami TV is the latest offering from raunchy reporter Jenny Scordamaglia.

Yet while the cuisine is laid bare for all to see, the viewer may be forgiven to look at the more raw, earthy offerings on show.

In the latest episode, Jenny – who turned heads after going clubbing starkers earlier this week – is ably assisted by glamorous guest Eila Adams.

Both women chat about the cooking as if they are totally oblivious about being in the buff in front of a camera.

One of the dishes involves stuffing meat into what appears to be a coconut.
Sex bomb Scordamaglia has presented her sexy online entertainment programme in a see-through electric blue dress, a plunging red party frock and in the buff covered in gold body paint.

Her bold dress sense has won her thousands of adoring fans who tune in to see what she is – and in many case, isn’t – wearing.

Jenny has a penchant for tight-fitting, halter neck dresses that are cut to her belly button.



Source:The Sun.co.uk

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