Chrissy Teigen reveals intimate bedroom secrets on how John Legend gets down when drunk

John Legend likes to get amorous in the closet when he’s drunk. The 38-year-old singer’s wife Chrissy Teigen thinks the All Of Me hitmaker gets ‘way too loving’ when he’s intoxicated, but insists it is actually very ‘sweet.’ According to, Chrissy said at a Cocktails With Chrissy event which she hosted in New York City: ‘He’ll be like, “Let’s go in the closet!”‘

She added: ‘I’m like, “We’re home! Why do we have to go into the closet?”‘
The 31-year-old beauty – who has 12-month-old daughter Luna with her spouse – explained their bed and closet are not a far distance from each other.
The bombshell added: ‘He just gets very, very touchy and he’s like a little baby – it’s really sweet.’

Meanwhile, the Lip Sync Battle star doesn’t think there is anything that can cure a hangover apart from not drinking too much in the first place.
She said: ‘I think as long as you [drink] in moderation, that’s the only cure – because everything else is bulls**t.
‘There’s no real trick, there’s no powder.’


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