Actor Cuba Gooding Jr returns to work after his soul singer father died of ‘suspected overdose’

Cuba Gooding Jr returned to work the day after his father Cuba Gooding Sr. passed away aged 72. The 49-year-old was pictured shooting scenes with Jaden Smith in Toronto on the set of his new film, Life in a Year.
He managed a smile as he filmed scene outdoors with his young co-star, but the strain showed between takes.

Cuba Sr. was found dead in his car on Thursday in the San Fernando Valley, according to TMZ. Law enforcement officials told the site that the singer was slumped over in his silver 2012 Jaguar when he was first discovered. Paramedics were dispatched at around 1pm in an attempt to revive him, but they were unable to do so.
While it’s not official, law enforcement officials say that open alcohol containers and drug paraphernalia were found in the car, as they suspect his cause of death to be a possible overdose. Photographs from the scene show authorities removing two bottles that appear to be alcohol from the Jaguar.


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