Nicki Minaj shares some behind the scenes snaps from her latest music video shoot

Nicki Minaj is set to make a big impression on her fans in her new music video for Regret In Your Tears, if the teaser of the track is anything to go by.
The 34-year-old rapper uploaded the short clip to her Instagram account on Wednesday, offering her fans a sneak peak of the dark and disturbing video.

The stunning scenes, filmed by Mert And Marcus, sees Nicki lying on a bed in a flooded bedroom.

She romps on the mattress with a handsome shirtless model, who fondles her bare chest in her cleavage-baring top.
The steamy scenes are interspersed with eerie shots of a man floating in the water and ominous tree imagery.
Nicki said: ‘I’m feeling super generous today. Who’s ready for the #RegretInYourTears VIDEO shot by the legendary, ICONIC #MertAndMarcus.

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