Kardashian/Jenner sisters furious’ with Caitlyn Jenner over tell-all book

Details from Caitlyn Jenner’s new tell-all book The Secrets Of My Life have started to slip out. Among them are how Kris Jenner tried to ‘suppress’ the former Olympian’s desire to dress as a woman and new information on why Robert Kardashian defended OJ Simpson during his murder trial.
And the family is none too pleased with all of it. On Wednesday two new reports surfaced that alleged Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are so mad at the former I Am Cait star, 67, they are barely talking to her.

‘They are upset,’ a source told Us Weekly. ‘This is the last straw.’
In 2015 the family was livid that Caitlyn put Kris in a bad light when she talked to Vanity Fair magazine.
Now the same thing is happening all over again with the book.
One big problem is that Jenner never gave the family a head’s up about what was in the book.
Instead, the former athlete said she wanted it to be a surprise, it was claimed.
‘They’re tired of being caught off guard,’ the Us source said.
‘They want Caitlyn to be happy and share her experience, but they also wants her to be sensitive to Kris.’

Among the issues they have with the new book, out April 25, is that Caitlyn said Kris made her ‘suppress her true self.’ A source told InTouch Weekly that bringing up the late Robert Kardashian is especially painful.

It has been leaked that Jenner wrote in The Secrets Of My Life that Robert knew OJ Simpson was guilty of murder, but he worked with the athlete anyhow.





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