Former French diplomat accused of raping 3-year old daughter acquitted

French diplomat Pascal Mazurier was acquitted by a magisterial court on Wednesday, in the child molestation case filed against him.

Mazurier who was accused of sexually assaulting his 3-year-old daughter, was not found guilty in the probe, compelling the court to drop all charges against him.

The high-profile child molestation case dates back to 2012. Mazurier, an official at the French Consulate, was accused by his wife of sexually assaulting their 3-year-old child. Based upon preliminary probe and the nature of charge levelled against him, Mazurier was arrested by the Bengaluru police, after booking him under section 376 of the Indian Penal Code. He was granted bail by the High Court after nearly four months after he was put under arrest.
Over the past five years, Mazurier pleaded innocent in the case, demanding the police to investigate the sexual molestation of his daughter without considering him as the prime accused. His counsel pointed out that the serum traces examined during the probe did not match with Mazurier’s. The defence argument was further validated by the DNA test carried out by the investigating authorities.

Mazurier’s wife, along with their three children, parted away from him in 2012, after he emerged as the prime accused in the child molestation case. The custody of his children was not granted back to Mazurier.

Mazurier, ever since being accused in the case, alleged conspiracy. He accused the police of carrying out a lax inquiry to nab the real culprit. “I love my children a lot; I was the one looking after them when my wife would be out late at parties. As the DNA report suggests that my daughter was sexually abused, I suspect a man with access to my daughter in my absence was responsible,” he was earlier quoted as saying by India Today.

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