New pictures showing Mel B on holiday in Ibiza in with hot nanny emerges online

Sharing a smile with the nanny she accused of having sex with her husband, this is Mel B on a ‘holiday from hell’ in Ibiza – just six weeks before she sacked her. The former Spice Girl, 41, claims the holiday in Ibiza was ‘mortifying’ after her estranged husband Stephen Belfonte insisted on bringing stunning blonde nanny Lorraine Gilles with them.
Mel says Belafonte spent the holiday in July 2016 ‘name calling, screaming, yelling, demeaning conduct’ in front of German Lorraine, 26.She said she would get off the boat for an hour a day to go to the gym and get away from Belafonte and Lorraine.

In court papers, she said: ‘(Belafonte) informed me that we are all taking a vacation on a boat with Lorraine to Ibiza.
‘I was mortified in that I only wanted a quiet holiday with (him) and the kids. While on the trip (he) resorted to the same name calling, screaming, yelling and demeaning conduct again done in the presence of Lorraine.
‘I would leave the boat daily to go to the gym in an effort to get away from (him) and Lorraine.’
Mel revealed after the ill-fated trip she sacked Lorraine and gave her six weeks’ notice.
‘I told her she would be terminated effective September 1, 2016. She actually laughed at me.
‘(Belafonte) again went off on me saying that she is not ‘fired’ and that Lorraine is ‘the only person in my life that I trust’.
But despite the claims their holiday was miserable, Mel had appeared happy and relaxed as she soaked up the sun on a luxury boat alongside Lorraine.

The make-up free star embraced a natural look, wearing her hair down loose and showing no obvious signs of tension towards Louise.
The star claims two years earlier her husband told her that Lorraine was pregnant with his baby. She alleges that she paid for her to have an abortion – and later discovered her husband had paid her $300,000 for ‘nanny services’ during her seven-year employment with the couple. See more pics below..


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