Wife of US tourist killed in Westminster terror attack slammed for smiling after her husband died

Trolls have targeted the widow of an American tourist killed in the Westminster terror attack after she was pictured recovering in hospital.

Melissa Cochran, the wife of victim Kurt, thanked well-wishers last week for the “outpouring of love and generosity” following the attack.Her husband was killed during the terrorist attack in the heart of London last month – the couple were in the capital to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.
A picture of Melissa in hospital released in the weeks following the atrocity was captioned “Getting stronger every day”.

A video has since been posted online dubbing an online tribute fund a “hoax”, and asking “why is Melissa Cochran smiling so much? Didn’t she just lose a husband?”.

A GoFundMe page set up to raise money for her and her children had reached more than £50,000 – which the troll apparently took umbrage with.
The video was posted online by Twitter user @DanaEddy and appeared to be run from Texas.

The footage is seven seconds and make cruel jibes such as “does that look like the face of a woman who just lost her husband tragically?”.

Other Twitter users echoed his sentiment, but many people who donated to the fundraising page slammed him and said he had a history of promoting propaganda conspiracy theories.

People commenting on the YouTube video added:
“Anyone naive enough to donate to these lowly scam artists deserves to get scammed.”

Another said:
“If I pretend that my cat has been killed by a rampaging truck driving madman will I get lots of money too???”.
Kurt and Melissa Cochran, from Utah, were on the final day of a trip to London when they were caught up in the carnage.

The couple were mowed down on Westminster Bridge by a car driven by Khalid Masood, who killed four people in his rampage before being shot dead in the grounds of the Palace of Westminster by armed police.





The UK Sun

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