Teen couple pulls off epic fake proposal to get some free dessert

Going out with friends is always fun – but it’s always a little awkward when it comes to splitting the bill. Who drank what? Whose meal was more expensive? Who ate most of which side?

But 19-year-old Catie and her friend Alex, 17, came up with a brilliant plan to ensure they had to pay for as little as possible – by pulling off a glorious fake proposal to win themselves some free congratulatory dessert.
Catie told Metro.co.uk that she and Alex have only been friends for a few months – but they ‘clicked’ the moment they met, and so to her it ‘feels like years’.

She said the idea for the fake proposal came when both her and Alex were having a really bad week.

She told us: ‘We decided to get out of town for a weekend. Since I’m an actress/singer and love doing crazy character development things I asked, “Can we pretend to be people we aren’t?! We can pretend to be newlyweds or something!”

‘And of course Alex has to one up me like always and says, “No, I’m going to propose WHILE we’re at dinner!”

‘The idea was killer. So we got a ring, created our “love story,” and got set on the road.’

After finishing their meal, ready for dessert, Alex got down on one knee and popped the question with his fake ring to hand. Catie says the proposal was a ‘hit’.

She recalled: ‘When I went to the bathroom Alex told the waitress he was proposing to his girlfriend and that he wanted it on video.

‘So when I got back from the bathroom, he told me we were taking a picture. He then bent down on one knee and began his speech. I ended up getting a bit nervous so I accidentally cut him off in the middle of his spiel, but I said yes and everyone clapped!’

The waitress bought the ‘happy couple’ a tiny cup of creme brûlée, some chocolate mousse, and a little piece of cake, alongside the word ‘Congratulations!’ written in chocolate sauce.

The tweet has so far received more than 24,000 retweets and 48,000 likes – and people think the idea is just genius.

Some are even thinking of pulling it off themselves.

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