Photos: Meet 89-year-old Instagram sensation, Baddie Winkle

Say hello to Baddie Winkle, the great-grandmother who refuses to grow up. 89-year-old Helen Ruth Van Winkle from Kentucky, USA is an Instagram sensation with 2.9 million followers. Scroll through her Instagram feed and you’ll soon see that Baddie Winkle really is the baddest granny around.
Born in 1928 during the Great Depression, Helen Van Winkle lost her husband Earl in a car accident on their 35th wedding anniversary. In 1999, Helen’s son David died at the age of 46 after a short battle with cancer; a loss that Helen still struggles to comprehend.
“I fought for years trying to get over the deaths of my son and my husband,” Helen admits. “I led a very sad life but I had to go on and be strong for my daughter, my 5 grandchildren and my 3 great-grandchildren.”

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