Trump donates his first quarter salary of $78333 to National Park Service

President Donald Trump, who promised during his presidential campaign that he wouldn’t accept a salary for being the president of the United States of America, has decided to donate his first-quarter salary of $78,333 to the National Park Service, the White House announced on Monday.
During his campaign, he promised that he would donate his $400,000 annual salary if he were elected as president. In September 2015, he said: “That’s no big deal for me”. And he has kept to his word in regards to that.

After he made the donation to National Park Service, the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, whose agency oversees the 100-year-old protector of 417 national parks, monuments and other sites, while appearing alongside White House spokesman, Sean Spicer at a daily briefing said he was “thrilled” at Trump’s decision. He said:
“We are going to dedicate and put it against the infrastructure on our nation’s battlefields”. “We are about $229 million behind in deferred maintenance on our battlefields alone,” Zinke said.

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