Photos: Horrific moment young bullfighter is gored through the throat, mouth and tongue his debut tournament

A young bullfighter is fighting for his life after being gored through the throat, face and tongue during his debut tournament.
Daniel García Navarrete, 23, was pierced several times by a 1,000lb bull in Spain’s biggest arena, Las Ventas, in Madrid.
The attack was witnessed by a horrified audience of 10,000 who originally thought he had been struck just once in the thigh.

But after being rushed to hospital in a serious condition, doctors revealed that he had been pierced four times, twice in the neck and the other two through his jaw.
Shocking footage shows the bullfighter being flipped into the air and thrown to the ground before the giant animal repeatedly gores him with its horns.

Screaming can be heard from the audience as trained staff rush in to try to distract the rampaging bull. They then carry the victim away. One of the wounds was 8ins deep while the other of 6ins penetrated the roof of his mouth and base of his tongue.

The wounds also severed sciatic nerves, fractured a collarbone and caused extensive muscle damage.
The young bullfighter, making his debut, also suffered extensive cuts and bruises. He was treated first at the infirmary’s bullring and was said to be lucky to have even survived. Surgeons at the Hospital San Francisco of Assisi who performed an emergency operation said his prognosis was ‘severe’.



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