New pics of artist Benny Harlem and daughter Jaxyn proudly showing off matching afros

Since last year 2016, amazing photos of Benny Harlem, and his six-year old daughter have been taking over the internet confidently showing off their amazing natural hair styles.
Mr Harlem, an artist, model, singer-songwriter based in Beverly Hills has shared photos of himself with his little girl Jaxyn on Instagram confidently showing off their voluminous hair to their 328,000 followers.

Mr Harlem said that his family make their own shampoo, using naturally derived ingredients, to maintain their magnificent locks.
‘I look at our hair like a plant. Most plants need natural ingredients to grow and stay alive, and honestly, our souls and our bodies need the same thing,’ he told

He also said has a very protective parenting approach to teach her the importance of self-love.
‘I put my child on a pedestal. What my daughter knows is that if she loves herself first, love will align in her friendships, relationships, and all aspects of her life,’ Mr Harlem said.
‘I teach her to walk in her natural elegance, and I make it a point to show her that she’s protected daily. That way, she remains fearless,’ he added.¬†Checkout new photos of the adorable duo…



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