Polish MEP suspended and fined for saying women should be paid less ‘because they are smaller, weaker and less intelligent’

The ‘sexist’ Polish MEP who made international headlines for his comments about equal pay has been suspended from the European Parliament and fined a month’s allowance.

Janusz Korwin-Mikke, 74, said women don’t deserve equal pay because they are “smaller, weaker and less intelligent” than men.

In Brussels last week he said: “Do you know how many women are in the first 100 of chess players? I tell you: no one.”

He continued: “women must earn less than men, because they are weaker, smaller, less intelligent, they must earn less … that is all”.

President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani said that in response to his comments he had decided to punish the Polish MEP for his remarks.

He said they were a violation of European Parliament rules and that Mr Korwin-Mikke would not get his daily allowances for 30 days, is suspended from the European Parliament for ten days, and is “forbidden from representing the parliament on conferences and forums for a period of one year starting today”.



Source: Telegraph

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