Adele fires back at trolls who compared her to Shrek’s Princess Fiona

Adele has had to defend herself against trolls who compared her to Shrek’s Princess Fiona. Last month at the 2017 Grammy Awards, Adele bagged herself five wards wearing a gorgeous couture address. But instead of celebrating her wins, some trolls decided to compare her to an ogre.

img_0709 img_0710 img_0711


Although of course in typical Adele style she had the last laugh.

She has now addressed the comments at her gig in Perth, Australia, laughing in the face of such meanies.

‘I don’t f***ing care. It was Givenchy Couture!’ she told the crowd. ‘They can say what they want.’


Explaining the situation, she said: ‘Before the Grammys I had this dress right, I wore this green dress, everyone said I looked like Fiona from Shrek. They did.’

And she worked for that dress, as well as working it. She hadn’t just flung any old dress on.

The singer confessed: ‘I worked out. Obviously I’m a large lady and I like eating food very much, but I was working out twice a day to fit into that Givenchy dress because it was quite tight.’

So those trolls can just bugger off.

To be fair, Princess Fiona is feisty given she’s an expert in martial arts, and can belch like a bad ass, so there could be worse comparisons.

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