“Even if Lionel Messi wanted to play for us for free, we wouldn’t sign him” says Turkish clubs


Barcelona’s Argentinean ace might be widely regarded as the best footballer to ever lace up his boots, but there is at least one place he isn’t welcome:

A Turkish club owner has made the rather ridiculous claim that if Lionel Messi were to be available on a free transfer he wouldn’t sign him, because he believes in his own club’s academy policies.

Mehmet Seyit Ozkan, Club president of Turkish second division side Altinorduis, says he is so proud of his team’s youth academy and young players, that he’d reject the chance to sign Lionel Messi even if he came knocking on his door desperate to play for the club.

”Even if Messi wants to play for Altinordu for free, I would definitely reject him,” he said to the club website.
”I believe in our young Turkish players. I’m giving chances to them. ”Our target is to be in the Super League and competing in European cups in 2023 which is our 100th year.”

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