‘Human Ken Doll’ Rodrigo Alves set to enter record books after 51 cosmetic surgeries


The British ‘Human Ken Doll’ is celebrating being offered a Guinness World Record for his 51st surgery that will remove acne scars and give him ‘baby skin’.

Rodrigo Alves, 33, had CO2 laser treatment to burn off the first layer of skin and leave his face blemish-free earlier this week.
The TV personality started transforming his body at the age of 17, after years of being bullied for his appearance.


Rodrigo, who lives in London, has splurged nearly £400,000 on plastic surgery and has been dubbed ‘The Human Ken Doll.’

The laser treatment comes shortly after being offered an award for ‘Most Cosmetic Procedures’ by the Guinness World Records.


The Brazilian-born TV personality said:
‘I’ve had one of the most awaited procedures of my life, it’s the only procedure that will give my skin a porcelain look, clearing out all the blemishes and scars from my face.
‘When I was a teen, I suffered badly from acne and tried all sorts of procedure to help minimise the appearance of it.






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