Video of a miniature horse eating in a highchair sparks online outrage


According to the Daily Mirror UK a video of a miniature horse sitting in a high chair like a baby has sparked outrage online – as people branded it animal abuse.

The little pony was filmed eating carrots from a bowl while awkwardly sitting in the chair – usually used for humans rather than horses.
Japan’s Suetoshi Farm, which shared the clip on Instagram , has received a furious backlash since posting it last week.

Hundreds of people slammed it as “abuse” saying it could seriously damage the horse’s spine.

One wrote: “What stupid f***er thought this was cute. ABUSE.”

Another wrote: “Cute but not good for their back”

And another said: “It’s not funny !!! It’s stupid and cruel.”

But others seemed to love it, commenting under the original video: “You should see the uproar you’ve cause on Facebook – everyone says it’s animal abuse. I think it’s adorable personally.”
Another wrote: “Omg look at this pony baby – he’s a child.”

A heated debate also broke out on a French-language Facebook page, which is usually dedicated to candy but also shares animal videos and memes.

One person raged: “It breaks my heart. To people who find this amusing: be a bit smarter! This is animal cruelty.”

While another said: “Understanding the anatomy of a horses gut, digestive system and the position of the organs would tell you never to do this.”

However, some people claimed it could be good for the horse to sit straight in a chair while they eat – as it can apparently ease the symptoms of megaesophagus, a malformation of the esophagus that makes it hard to swallow for a miniature horse .

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