Photos/Video: Semi-naked couple caught on camera ‘having sex while riding motorbike’

This is the bizarre moment a young, semi-naked couple were caught on camera having sex on a moving motorcycle. Police have launched an investigation after the footage, filmed in the city of Encarnacion in south-eastern Paraguay, went viral online.

It was shot by another motorist with a smartphone who could not believe his eyes when he saw the semi-naked couple. The woman was lying back on the petrol tank with her short skirt hitched up and her legs wrapped around the shirtless male rider.

The video has provoked a lively debat e on internet forums across South America and beyond.

Many users pointed out that in addition to their incredibly dangerous sexual antics, neither of the young couple were wearing helmets.

Police are believed to be investigating the incident which happened in the Santa Maria neighbourhood of Encarnacion.

Officers are said to be scrutinising the video in an attempt to identify the randy pair.

A police spokesman said that they would face a fine of around three million Paraguayan Guarani (£430) if they were tracked down and convicted.

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