Photo: Mysterious sea creature washes up on beach and no one knows what it is


A man who discovered an 8ft mysterious creature on a Cornish beach near Austell, UK, is asking for help to try to identify the animal. Chris Crane was walking on the beach in Charlestown on Monday when he came across the washed-up animal. He said he believed the creature had already been there for a few days as it was beginning to smell. So far, Chris has had no luck in identifying the creature despite guesses that it could be a pilot whale, Cornwall Live reports.
Others have suggested the creature could be the mythical Cornish sea serpent Morgawr. In Cornish folklore, the creature first appeared near Pendennis Point in 1975, described as having a trunk with a very long neck and black or brown skin. Local mackerel fisherman are thought to have blamed bad weather and poor fishing on sightings of the sea lion-like monster.

Some believed the monster first appeared after a German submarine torpedoed a British merchant ship during the First World War and describe it as 60ft crocodile-shaped creature, with four webbed feet and a powerful tail.



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