Shocking final image shows Kim Jong-nam slumped unconscious in airport after being poisoned


Unconscious and slumped in an airport chair, this shocking image shows the final moments of Kim Jong-nam.

The half-brother of Kim Jong-un is believed to have been poisoned by a hit squad sent by the North Korean despot on Monday.
Jong-nam, 46, had been critical of the Jong-un regime and it is believed his unstable younger sibling may have feared he may one day return to take power.

The audacious killing was carried out as Jong-nam waited to use a check-in kiosk at Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur airport.


It is believed he was held in a choke hold from behind as a fast-acting poison was administered either via a cloth, needle or spray.

Jong-un staggered to the toilets and then alerted staff that he was unwell.

The New Straits Times showed the final picture of Jong-un on Saturday’s front page along with CCTV images of the four remaining suspects.


Malaysian police are said to be closing in on them after making a fourth arrest last night. The man detained had a North Korean passport which identifies him as 46-year-old Ri Jong Chol. The masterminds of the killing were said have been watching on from a restaurant just 50m away. Two women and a man are already being held. One of the women involved in the murder was allegedly paid just £80 – but thought it was a video ‘prank’.

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