Mum found burnt on beach after leaving Valentine’s chocolates for her 5 kids


The heartbroken sister of a woman who left an emotional Valentine’s Day card to her children just days before she was found dead on a beach has paid emotional tribute to the mother-of-five.

Hayley Williams, 35, said her sister Lisa was ‘tired of fighting and just wanted to go to sleep’ in the weeks leading up to her death.
The tragic 31-year-old had sent a card telling her children she ‘loves them with all her heart’ before being found badly burned at Newry beach in Anglesey, Wales.

It is understood that Ms Williams was heartbroken after separating from her husband and losing contact with her children.

Her distraught sister Hayley revealed that Lisa had sent a letter to the family noting that she was ‘battling some difficulties’.

She told Mirror Online: ‘It’s just the nature of what she’s done, the level of what she inflicted on herself to get out of this world.


‘As a family we are devastated and our lives have been turned upside down. Lisa was a beautiful and caring mum, daughter, sister, aunt, and cousin. ‘

Hayley added: ‘She said she was tired of fighting and just wanted to go to sleep. The level she went to, to find a way out is horrific.’

The mother had posted the card on February 12, so that it would reach her ‘famous five’ in time for Valentine’s Day.


Enclosed with the heartfelt message to her family were five of their favourite chocolate bars and a necklace for her daughter, accompanied by a note that read: ‘for when you are older.’

Less than an hour before her death, she had also shared a picture of the package on her Facebook page.
Loved ones have since left floral tributes to her close to the spot where she was found.

One bouquet, which appeared to have been left by her father, read:
‘Our Lisa Bach. You’ll always be in our heart. Love you forever Dad and Rachel xxx.’


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