How a Nigerian father found out son he’s raised for 32 years ISN’T actually his

There was heartbreak in an unusually touching episode of The Jeremy Kyle Show today as a dad discovered the child he had raised for 32 years is not related to him.


Valentine and his dad Oscar came onto the ITV daytime programme after his mum revealed a month ago that the man who had brought him up may not actually be his biological dad.

The pair decided to come on the show after Valentine’s mum admitted Oscar might not be his dad. Doting dad Oscar paid for Valentine to come over to England from Nigeria, and “put him through school” here in Britain.


Determined to know the truth, both men did one of Jezza’s notorious DNA tests. When the results were revealed and Oscar discovered he was not Valentine’s biological dad he let out a heartbreaking wail – in what has been described as the “saddest ending ever”.


Jezza was visibly shocked by the results as were viewers who took to Twitter to air their dismay.

Most announced they were “heartbroken” by the life changing “bombshell” for the two men.


However, Jezza did his best to ease their pain, saying: “Being a dad isn’t about being blood-related. It takes a man to look after a kid. Nothing can break that bond.”





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